New Amenities at Southside Commons!

Southside Commons now has new amenities to offer to our community! Along with Light coming in from outside at SSCfree Wi-Fi, we are now offering a projector and a screen for rent with events. The projector will be at a rate of $15 per hour and a projection screen for $10 per hour. For your technological needs, we offer both Mac and Windows connections for our projector.


We expect to add an audio system to our building rentals towards the end of this year, so keep an eye out for that!As always, when renting the building, chairs and table are included free of charge.


Feel free to explore the rest of the site to view our prices in further detail. In the interest of accessibility, the costs to rent are negotiable for our community members and community organizations. We invite folks to contact our Southside Commons manager at to see how best we can support your events.


Southside Commons is operated by the Alliance for a Just Society, which strives to support organizations in working together to address economic, racial, and social inequities. Southside Commons strives to be a space for progress!

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