How Are We Staying Safe?

Our Commitment to Safety

If there’s one thing we are, that’s committed to the health and safety of our staff, tenants and community. We are thrilled to slowly reopen Southside Commons for reserved events and rentals. We have taken many steps to ensure that we do so responsibly and safely, including:

  • Mask mandate inside the common areas of building for all guests. 
  • Sanitation stations by entrance and exits, which includes masks and automatic sanitizer dispensers.
  • Building tours and inquiries are by appointment only.
  • Our maintenance crew uses industrial sanitizing foggers before and after events to disinfect public surfaces, chairs, bathrooms and doors.
  • Daily disinfecting between events is also administered throughout the work day. 
  • Tenants and staff are encouraged to stay home if feeling unwell. Our nonprofit tenants are pillars in the healthcare community, and advocate for education, awareness and prevention of the COVID spread. 

Southside Commons is committed to caring for each other and for others in our community. We can provide references to resources to those who need it.